Venky D C, as a Music Director and Composer, scores music for commercial cinemas, Traditional & Contemporary Dance Ballets, Art movies, experimental music productions, Commercial Ads, Theatre productions & Documentaries

As a Tabla Player and Multi percussionist, he has already made remarkable contributions in the international spectrum by his performances & master classes.

As a Music Educator, Venky passionately expresses his musical views & shares his knowledge with interested aspirants of all age groups at the "Institute for Music, Dance & Percussive arts" based in Bangalore. He teaches variety of Percussion instruments which includes tabla, djembe, darbuka, drums, cajon, congas apart from Keyboard, Vocals, Harmonium & Music Production/arrangements.

He is also teaching few Children who has special needs along with his involvement with many schools in designing a unique music curriculum.

He is awarded as 'Sangeeta Ratna' from Bangiya University apart from holding a certificate in Music Therapy. He has also successfully completed ‘Alankara Purna’ from Gandharva university, Maharashtra & ‘Vidwat grade’ – an equivalent to a master’s program from the Karnataka Government.

Contents of the Course


Voice excercises (vowels/swaras based)

Notation writing

Chota khayal
Bada khayal

Framework of the Raag vistaar

Nom tom aalaap

Semi classical music

Bhajan (South Indian & North Indian style)

Kannada devotional/Poetry/Bhavageet songs


Sufi kalaam

Playing Harmonium/Keyboard alongside singing

Improvisation during a vocal recital of any kind (Indian music)

Keyboard/ Piano/ Harmonium:

Notation Writing & Sight Reading

Chords, its inversions & applications

Accompaniment methods with different forms of Music

Analysis of popular songs and compositions



Development of the rhythmic language & its application

Reciting Vowels/Bols/Jatis in Different speeds

Language of North Indian & South Indian percussions & its Similarity-Differences

Accompaniment methods with different forms of Music, Dance & Art forms

Application of bols on percussions
Translating it on different instruments like Drum, Cajon, Congas, Handosonic, Djembe, Darbuka and other percussion instruments.

Courses Offered



Hindustani Classical Vocal

Carnatic Classical Vocal



Flute/ North India & South Indian

Ethnic/Folk Percussion








As a music arranger, he is most sought after, for his experimental orchestration & Re-orchestration works in numerous productions which involves:

Devotional Songs Albums

Indian classical/Contemporary Dance productions




Classical Vocal/Instrumental music

Radio Jingles

Corporate & Commercial Ads

Background score for popular movie song productions & its mash ups in various languages.

As a Music Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Venky D C initiates music video productions entirely composed by him. He is involved in cross-cultural collaborations through these initiatives bringing variety of artists on one platform. One such magnum opus initiative he composed & conceptualized was ‘THE ONE SONG’ which was in collaboration with UNICEF, India dedicated to the children with special needs. In this video song, Venky along with his musical friend Varun brought together more than 150 musicians in a single piece of multilingual music work which was critically acclaimed by noted personalities & common masses across India & Abroad.

Institute for Music, Dance & Percussive arts Trust, Bangalore known as IMDP Arts is a Music & Dance institution which is creating a platform for many art learners of different age groups to explore variety of artistic possibilities by facilitating Teaching & masterclasses on both Individual & Group basis.

This institution based in Bangalore is well known for conducting online classes by providing a well structured course material in both Video & Audio formats.

Under this Trust, a full fledged Audio-Video Production house namely SUR Productions, with its Studio facility, provides opportunities to many artists & aspirants to showcase their talent alongside creating Audio/Video Tutorial Materials for Educative & collaborative purposes

Apart from this, IMDP Arts provides unique opportunities for its students to witness different dimensions of applicability in music & dance, by bringing together established artists from different musical genres to associate with upcoming talents through short term masterclasses. This has been proved beneficial for students staying in different countries across the globe in sharpening their artistic skills.

To know more details about the workings of IMDP Arts, please visit the website

SUR Productions is a registered audio label & production house based in Bangalore. It has a studio of its own for Audio & Video Productions.

SUR Productions is a part of IMDP Arts Trust which facilitates audio & video production packages for a range of genres.

SUR Productions provide Audio Recordings, Mixing, Mastering, Video Editing, Cinematography & Musical services in the making of:

Audio Albums/Singles

Ad Films


Music Videos

Theatre Productions

Art Films

Voice Overs

Classical/Contemporary Dance Ballets

Background Music scores for Films

Digital imaging

SFX (Sound Effects) and VFX(Video Effects)

Lyrical Videos

Apart from the above mentioned services, SUR Productions also facilitates Relevant Artists, Concert Event Set Up and Management of Musical Events for Concerts & Corporate events.

To know more details about the workings of SUR Productions, please visit the website


About Venky D C

Venkatesh popularly known as Venky D C is a renowned Tabla player, Music Composer, Music Educator & a Multi instrumentalist based in Bangalore(india). He is also a Singer-Song writer, Music Arranger, Keyboard Player, Audio Engineer & Video editor.

He has his expertise in playing Multi Percussion Instruments which include Tabla, Cajon, Djembe, Darbuka, Congas, Handosonic, Drums & many folk/ethnic rhythms of the world apart from playing Harmonium, Keyboard & Guitar.

Venky has offered his musical expertise extensively in India & abroad involving many music festivals, master classes & Cultural conferences. He has performed as a multi-percussionist, Singer, Arranger & Live Orchestra Conductor alongside delivering masterclasses extensively in USA, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, Middle East & Asia pacific regions.

He comes from a family of musicians singing kirtans (devotional hymns) in the south indian classical music style. When he was 5 years he used to accompany on the percussion at numerous Kirtan sessions. Later when he was 7 he was initiated into learning tabla under the guidance of Pt.Nagaraj Gaekwad. After 12 years of training, he went on to learn under the renowned Tabla exponent Pt.Subhankar Banerjee from Kolkata. He has also taken few lessons during masterclasses in Layakaari from Pt. Suresh Talwalkar. He has learned the Carnatic (south indian) rhythm intricacies from Vidwan Kulur Jayachandra Rao. Venky has also taken training in Hindustani Vocals in Agra Gharana Style (oldest north Indian classical singing style) from S. Krishnamurti.

Apart from Indian music, He has aquired the skill of music arrangements from notable musicians around europe.

As a Singer & Song writer, He is widely acclaimed for his unique Compositions & music arrangements which blends together variety of music genres. Alongside singing his own compositions, he composes melody & sings popular Semiclassical, Folk & Devotional songs in mainly Kannada, English & Hindi languages.

In future, Venky D C with his knowledge and experience is set to create a new wave of rapture in contemporary music through his performances, compositions, music video productions, educative initiatives alongside cross cultural collaborations with artists across the globe.

Contact Venky D C

Ph. - +919845829840

Address - #24, 5th cross, ground floor, 23rd main, J P nagar 2 nd phase, Bangalore - 560078 (Landmark - Next to Ganeshkrupa jewellers)

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